About Us


In our profession, there is something about doing it right that really stands the test of time. Since the late 1990s, we have blossomed from a small business to the steel and asphalt company that we are today. One that boasts thousands of satisfied customers and that has become the biggest steel and asphalt company in the area for both commercial and residential projects.

Our talented staff and combined 40 years of experience will show you the difference between how we do business and how other companies do business. There is a level of expertise that must be reached in order to innovate the industry, and we believe that we fill that void in the current steel and asphalt landscape. We do business differently, and our customers are not like the average customer.

Reputation for quality

Our customers are the backbone of our company, and we realize that without them, there is no CNGZ Steel. Our work has allowed us to meet some of the most professional and knowledgeable clients under the sun, people that have not only helped our business grow, but have helped us innovate the way in which construction is done.

From commercial to residential, we handle all products with ease and guarantee our work for as long as you own the property. We pride ourselves on being loyal to our customers and using the latest in technology in order to make sure the job is done correctly. Come see how we do construction differently, you will be glad you did.